Pure Light
The word ‘Pure’ is a promise of authentic quality to the industry from SRK.
It reflects the trust in genuine trade relationships built over decades.

The word ‘Light’ is a promise of the right direction towards society.
It reflects the knowledge that is key to dharma (duty) of SRK towards the world.
Pure Commitment
As a purpose-driven company, our commitment to quality, to society and the environment are of the utmost importance. Both our natural diamond crafting facilities are now officially Net Zero certified.

Pure Purpose
The power of giving is greater than the desire to keep something for one’s own self. Great purpose starts with oneself first being humble, then having a desire for the welfare of the employees, and ultimately working for the welfare of the society at large. Generosity served with love can lead a child towards knowledge, the needy towards optimism, a community towards values and the world towards enlightenment.
  • Relief operation in the cyclone hit coastal areas of Maharashtra
  • SRK-Kalam Health Project (Nirmaya Book Launch)
  • Hum chale to Hindustan chale – Contribution to BSF
  • V.N. Godhani English School
  • Rashtra Ki Roshani
The FootPrints
Pure Traceability
Through its journey from the Mines to You, Every diamond has a story to tell...
The Footprints helps you discover Your diamonds’ story!

The Footprints is the traceability feature we launched in 2019 to help you know the entire journey of your diamonds,
right from their origin till they reach to your hands.
Pure Art
SRK Diamonds are crafted by gifted craftspersons and processed with precise
 attention to detail. Every diamond is imagined, cut, polished and graded in-house to
 the most exacting proportions and standards. Over 2000 master artisans are adept at
cutting any shape of a diamond to an nth degree of perfection, restoring life to a stone.
Pure Science
SRK is a technologically advanced diamond crafting company in the world. It has embraced science and technology to further its quest to blend quality and scale. Infused with actionable vision, automated systems and clear processes, its capacity to handle scale proves that diamond manufacturing is as much science as it is art.
SRK Grading System (SGS)
Pure Transparency
SGS is a metric derived over a transparent and stringent 20-step process to authenticate the
true value of a diamond. The system is so refined that objectivity truly wins over subjectivity.
In a sense, the SGS metric is turning out to be an authoritative and conclusive measure of a diamond,
 evidently going beyond the current industry standards of 4C evaluation.
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Pure Luxury
Luxury is a desirable quality and SRK, being the masters of luxury, is connected to the minds of consumers. A true luxury brand, such as SRK, on one hand understands the needs and requirements and on the other captures the emotional drivers of consumers. Our jewelers are masters in turning inspiration into objects of desire.
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Both our natural diamond crafting facilities - SRK Empire and SRK House are now officially Net Zero certified.
Shri Govindkaka honoured with Lifetime Achievement award by Federation of India (FGI) in the month of April
Shri Govindkaka honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology(KIIT) and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) in the month of February
Shri Govindkaka honoured with Hall of Fame- Gems of Prestige Award by Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
Pure Impact Report unveiled at the HKTDC Hong Kong Diamond, Gems & Pearl Show 2024.
SRK becomes a member of Natural Diamond Council (NDC).
SRK recognized with South Gujarat Productivity Council's Award of Excellence! 
SRK recognised with 'Green Innovation Award' and 'ESG Impact Award' during the "National Summit on ESG2023" jointly organized by Sigma University India.
SRK becomes a member of World Diamond Council (WDC).
SRK recognised as the “Stalwart Torch Bearer and Doyen of Futuristic Digitalisation Adoption in Gujarat’s Business Fraternity” by the GESIA IT Association on 5th August 2023, at Vadodara, Gujarat.
SRK recognised with the 'Most Preferred Workplace Award' by Marksmen Daily at Mumbai.
Shri Govindkaka recognized with the 'Lifetime Achievement Award in Philanthropy' by Hurun India & EdelGive Foundation at Mumbai.
SRK organised first-of-its-kind ‘SRK Sustainability Conclave 2023’ in the month of May.
Shri Govindkaka recognised for 'Outstanding contribution to the diamond industry' at the House of Lords, London.
SRK recognised with "Hurun Most Respected Family Business of the Year" by Hurun Report Global on 2nd February 2023, at Mumbai.
Prof. Marianne Bertrand, The Chris P. Dialynas Distinguished Service Professor of Economics, University of Chicago, spoke about ‘Gender, Stereotypes, and Inequality' during the Fifth Annual IIMA-SRKKF Lecture Series held at IIM campus, Ahmedabad.
Gifted Rooftop Solar Panels to 1000 SRK Family members during ‘Pure Diwali Get-together’ celebration.
Committed nearly $1 million to install Rooftop Solar Panels at the homes of 750 martyrs and unsung heroes.
SRK House listed amongst World's Top 5 Green Buildings in Arcskoru platform for its operational efficiency. With this, both of our crafting facilities listed in Top 5.​
SRK recognised with 3 prestigious IGJ Awards 2020 of “Cut & Polished Diamonds - First position for the Highest Turnover”, “Highest Employment on a roll of Company” and “Highest Taxpayer Company”. ​
Shri Govindkaka was honoured with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award 2020' by Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
SRK was listed in “India’s Premier 150 Unlisted companies”- 2021 by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) at the 79th position.
SRK’s external credit rating was upgraded to AA-. This made SRK the first in the diamond industry to successfully receive this rating.
SRK Grading System (SGS) was certified with ISO 24016, becoming world’s 1st diamond grading system to be certified with an ISO standard.
SRK Empire listed amongst World's Top 5 Green Buildings in Arcskoru platform for its operational efficiency.
Shri Govindkaka got felicitated with the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy (D. Phil.) by Indus University, Ahmedabad for his exemplary contributions through his selfless social welfare work and innovative sustainability pursuits.
Prof. Eric A. Hanushek, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University, spoke about ‘The Economic Value of School Quality’ during the Fourth Annual IIMA-SRKKF Lecture Series held at IIM campus, Ahmedabad.
‘SRK House’ recognized with LEED Platinum Certification by United States Green Building Council (USGBC). 
SRK organised 15th Cricket League in the first week of January.
Professor (Dr.) Partha Dasgupta, Frank Ramsey Professor Emeritus of Economics, spoke about 'Human Well-Being and Economic Accounting' at the Third Annual IIMA-SRKKF Lecture Series held at IIM campus, Ahmedabad.
SRK launched diamond traceability initiative “The Footprints”.
The Footprints was recognized with the PAS 7000 ‘Supply Chain Risk Management’ certification by British Standards Institution (BSI). With respected to this certification, SRK has achieved 1st position in the Gems & Jewelry industry- Globally, 3rd position among all the sectors- India, and 21st position among all sectors- Globally.
SRK recognized as Best in Class Employer by Gems & Jewellery Skill Council of India (GJSCI). 
The former Chairman Emeritus of the Tata group, Shri Ratan Tata visited us at ‘SRK Empire’. During the SantokBaa Humanitarian Award function, he had promised his visit to SRK, and thus he duly fulfilled it. During his visit, he closely observed diamond processing technologies and conveyed compliments to SRK team.
SRK moved to a new office location CC-6055, Bharat Diamond Bourse on May 16 2018, with a promise to continue serving our customers in the same friendly manner as before, along with more value-added services.
The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind visited us during our SantokBaa Humanitarian Award function of 2018.
‘SRK Empire’ certified with LEED Platinum Certification by United States Green Building Council (USGBC), becoming the First Manufacturing Facility in Asia region to be recognised with the certification. 
SRK family celebrated the 10th anniversary of the inception of SRK's Digital eco-system.
Our Shri Govind kaka enlightened the audience with his insights at the ‘Launch of Marriage Portal for People Living with HIV’ at IIM- Ahmedabad.
The Second lecture of the Annual IIMA-SRK Lecture Series was successfully held in IIM campus, Ahmedabad. American Economist and Noble Laureate (2007),Eric S. Maskin delivered a lecture on ‘Introduction to Mechanism Design Theory’.
SRK gets an image makeover and a fresh brand identity.
SRK conferred with JNA Award for e-Supplier of the Year by UBM Asia. 
SRK Re-launched its Brand Identity, Corporate Identity and launched New generation of website - which is more like a Platform to Enable customers to get maximum benefits.
SRK conferred with JNA Awards for “Manufacturer of the Year - Cutting & Polishing”, and “Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – India” by UBM Asia.
SRK recognised as the Most Socially Responsible Exporter of 2015 by Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC). 
The First lecture of the Annual IIMA-SRK Lecture Series was organised at IIM campus, Ahmedabad. Shri Raghuram Rajan, former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor, delivered a lecture on “The Global Economy: Opportunities and Challenges.”
SRK conferred with JNA Awards for 3 Decades of Excellence, Industry Innovation of the Year, and Outstanding Enterprise of the Year – India by UBM Asia. 
SRK conferred with the 13th FGI Outstanding Contribution in the field of corporate social Responsibilities by Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI) for contribution in Corporate Social Responsibilities. 
SRK Group Chairman Govind Dholakia addressed 100 scientists from ISRO.

The Shree Ramkrishna Research & Knowledge Institute of Diamond (SRKID) was declared as the only authorized institute for vocational training in Gems and Jewelry Industry by the Government of Gujarat state.
Our Shri Govind kaka won the “Life Time Achievement Award – Manufacturing” by Retail Jeweller Magazine 2014 for his contribution towards Global Diamond Industry.
Shri Govind kaka was presented with “Sarin - Life Time Achievement Award 2014” for his inestimable Contribution towards Diamond industry.
SRK won awards for categories- Most Socially Responsible Company and Exporter of the Year  by Gems and Jewellery Promotional Council (GJEPC). 
SRK obtained Alrosa Alliance on meeting high standards of business conduct and for possessing a keen insight into the diamond market.
Our Shri Govind kaka, was awarded with “AMA-Atlas Dyechem Award” for “Outstanding Entrepreneur” by Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA)
SRK Team conferred with the JNA Awards for Employer of the Year, Manufacturer of the Year – Diamond Cutting & Polishing and Sustainability Initiative of the Year by UBM Asia. 
SRK recognized For Overall Excellence in category of Best Exporter by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
SRK recognised for Excellence in Cut and Polished Diamonds for year 2012-13 by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
SRK received recognition by FedEx International Business League (IBL) for ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurship’.

SRK developed an in-house research and development center (SRKID) to cater to its increasing need for trained and skilled artisans.
Shri Govindkaka took SRK to greater heights by inaugurating one of the largest factories — ‘SRK Empire’ — in the industry with the latest technology and machinery.
SRK conferred with the Champion Award by FedEx National Business League. 
SRK recognised for Excellence in Cut and Polished Diamonds  by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
Shri Govindkaka expanded and diversified into the jewelry segment and he set up Jewel Goldi — a jewelry manufacturing unit in SEEPZ, Mumbai — to cater to international clientele.
SRK recognised as the Best Polish Diamond Exporter by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). 
Shri Govindkaka redeveloped the factory into a three-storey building and upgraded the technology with laser machines and computer-based management systems. The factory accommodated 1200 craftsperson and 500 staff members.
All partners decided to diversify and set up their own diamond manufacturing firms.
Along with his partners, he built a factory with necessary machinery and desirable work conditions. Business continued to flourish with the hard work and efficiency of all the partners.
Shri Govindkaka went on a business trip to Antwerp for the first time ever. This opened new avenues of business for him and his company grew and made a profit of Rs. 9 lakhs.
A few years later he set up the company along with two partners. This company has flourished and developed into an enviable diamond manufacturing business today.
A 13-year old boy started his journey barefooted from a small village of Saurashtra, Gujarat, as an apprentice to a diamond cutter.
About SRK
Pure Trust
SRK has been an epitome of trust in the diamond industry for over six decades. We have mastered all aspects of diamond crafting — supply (accessibility through trade relations), crafting (scalability through automation), quality (reliability through training), enterprise (inventory through technology) and sustainability (responsibility through knowledge).
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