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Through its journey from the Mines to You, Every diamond has a story to tell...
Rough Procurement
Pure Traceability
SRK has direct contract for Rough purchase from the big mining giants: De Beers, Burgundy Diamond Mines Ltd. and Rio Tinto. Our range of rough diamonds includes: Sawables, Makeables, and Cleavages. We continuously tailor our procurement as per the customer demands. Our Rough Diamonds are only from conflict-free origin and sourced from countries that participate in the Kimberley Process. We screen all our rough to ensure the ethical considerations are followed.

We are also certified with PAS 7000 for “Supply Chain Risk Management”, which helps us align our supply chain with internationally defined framework of good practice for supplier compliances. The standard covers the Quality Management, Business Ethics, Information Management System, Environmental Management, Employment Policies, Business Continuity, Traceability, etc.

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The FootPrints
SRK launched traceability feature in 2019 to help customers know the entire journey of diamonds, right from their origin till they reach to their hands.It is a mark of Transparency, Credibility and Trust and beyond- it is our promise to the society.

The Traceability Feature
The Footprints is the traceability feature we launched in 2019 to help you know the entire journey of your diamonds, right from their origin till they reach to your hands.
Leave Lasting Impressions
Footprints leave lasting impressions... It is a joyful privilege to note that your diamond is a unique entity among the billions of other pieces present on Earth.
Value of Your Diamonds
The proof of integrity of your diamond’s journey automatically enhances the value of your diamonds. The Footprints aims to fulfill your requirements and your interest in following the sustainable line of process while you purchase your diamonds.
The Footprints Certifications
The Footprints is certified with the prestigious PAS 7000 ‘Supply Chain Risk Management’ by British Standards Institution (BSI).

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Pure Relationships
Pure Origin
Pure Alliances