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Leading with the heart : SRK's Precious Legacy

In this era of digital revolution, championing a culture where the feelings of the people are given the utmost importance as we build our organisations, may sound as a not so practical idea, but ironically, it's the only way how we can create strong businesses and a sustainable economy. The world needs leaders and organisations who are not only agile enough to reinvent themselves for the digital age, but also put their people first and stay connected to their needs.

The human connection stands to be the true differentiating factor for companies today. At Shree Ramkrishna Exports (SRK), a leader in the world of diamonds, people are firmly at the heart of everything we do. We have worked towards upholding our Founder, Shri Govindkaka's principle of embedding a culture of belongingness like own family as a part of our corporate philosophy, making it a way of life at SRK.

We all know the 4 Cs that define the qualities of a diamond: colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. But there's a fifth - 'Compassion'.

A diamond is a celebration of strength, bonding, endurance and heritage. Since their discovery, diamonds have been instrumental in communicating life's most meaningful messages, forging connections, and making an impact where it matters. At SRK, our philosophy of more than 5 decades captures this essence of diamonds, forming a part of our people practices.

Like a diamond sparks a strong emotional connect with its sparkle and legacy, SRK helps build more human and authentic relationships in the following ways:

Working as a Family :

One thing which is very notable at SRK is that all our 5000+ personnel are treated genuinely like family members. We never see leading with love as a distraction from business performance; rather, we believe that compassion and performance mutually reinforce each other -- during a crisis, and over the long run. Our culture of giving emphasis on mutual respect regardless of designation and stature is grounded in the philosophy of “Give Respect” and “Get Respect” espoused by Shri Govindkaka. In our company, we refer to each other as “aap” or “tum” (Hindi: A second person pronoun to address someone with respect) and suffix “bhai” or “ben" with their name. Everyone joining our company are made aware of this philosophy during their early stages. This practice of respectful behaviour, and inclusion of mutual respect as a criterion, is idolized by the management in appraisals. Not only have these practices have instilled respect for each another but has also have helped in building everyone's relations at SRK akin to a family. This sense of belongingness at SRK encourages an environment filled with passion, experience and skill, together working as the heartbeat of our company.

Our company's philosophy, “I am nothing but I can do anything” indicates the importance of the team work.At SRK, we believe that each of our team member is a family member and that's why together we can achieve anything, the basic motive behind this is to stay united. This philosophy spells out two core cultural elements of SRK viz. humility and excellence. Nobody in SRK regardless of their designation and social status can look down on others. Kaka himself greets everyone with folded hands (Namaste- The Indian way of greeting).

“Don't let your family become a company; make your company your family.”

- Shri Govindkaka

Shri Govindkaka is ever ready to support his people at the company financially, emotionally, and socially. Moreover, he is always there for them for any kind of help and support. SRK provides Mediclaim policy along with the daily free lunch facility for all of them. The management and all other level of the personnel have food in the same canteen and share the bond like a family. Eating together instils the feeling of family to all its members and helps to generate the loyalty towards the company.

Nurturing a High- Trust Culture :

We as a company have developed from resilienceour ability to empathise and demonstrate a sincere interest in every person as an individual, be it our customer or a team member. Our supply chains are not just about speed and efficiency, but about resilience and integrity. We know that consumers these days are willing to invest in fewer things that hold a deeper meaning, have an emotional factor, and that are eternal. Every diamond we craft reflects values and morals of honesty, integrity and transparency that SRK stands by, and which easily resonates with our customers too. This sensation of trust and drives the desired engagement needed for the success of our business.

“An Excellent Environment enhances the Excellence in Work”.

- Shri Govindkaka

At SRK, all the personnel are given full charge in terms of learning various skills (domain specific vs cross functional), working in different departments/sections of their choice, location of choice, and taking new initiatives to improve the existing processes. SRK supports by providing a trust-based culture and extends favourable & healthy work condition so that all can perform to their full potential. Kaka always motivates us by sharing his journey of 'Rags to Riches' to boost our confidence to go beyond all constraints to achieve our dreams while contributing towards excellence of the company. He keeps saying to us “If I could achieve these all,then all of you can repeat it or do better than me”.

In the year 2008 when globally organizations were laying off their employees, we did not lay off single personnel. Rather, we had done different arrangements by investing their time into reskilling & performance enhancement. When the entire diamond industry was heavily relaying off the contract workers to reduce cost and get better flexibility, SRK eliminated the wage disparity between contract and permanent employee by covering all of them under PF contribution scheme. When our people supported us during the good times, how we can leave them during difficult times. They are our family members and family members need to be given extra care when they face any difficulty. We did the same.

Embracing Generational Differences :

Though currently we have four distinct generations working at SRK, a single set of cultural values binds us all, but each with a unique approach on how efficiently results can be achieved. In spite of being a 57-year-old company, we are very much in sync with the changing times. We value the generational differences and find similarities in them, which not only helps us identifying the needs of our customers, but also enables in making deeper connections with them. For over five decades, we have continued to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations by keeping pace with the ever-evolving and new age preferences and innovations.

Creating a Culture of Recognition :

Recognizing our people on a job well done motivates them to continue doing great work. It creates an environment of support and positivity. Our company's statement is “Problem is Progress” , and we encourage each other to learn from both successes and failures. We motivate our people through meaningful rewards, and experiences all the year round.

We believe that leading our company with heart is critical to delivering our vision for the pursuit of excellence. As a responsible organisation, we shall continue investing in compassion and trust, and strive for the highest standards in fair business practices, health and safety of our people and our community and environmental performance.