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Pioneering Energy Conservation in Diamond Crafting

In the dazzling world of diamonds, where brilliance meets sustainability, Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK) stands out as a leader of responsible craftsmanship. As we celebrate #WorldEnergyConservationDay today, it's fitting to explore the remarkable journey of SRK, towards becoming Net-zero by 2024.

The SRK Commitment to Net Zero:

At the heart of SRK's ethos lies a commitment to environmental stewardship. We have set an ambitious target to achieve net-zero status for both our diamond crafting facilities- SRK Empire and SRK House by 2024. This pledge aligns seamlessly with the global conversation on climate action, notably echoed in the recently concluded 28th meeting of the Conference of Parties (COP 28) at Dubai, UAE, during the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC).

Incorporating Best Practices:

SRK actively improves energy performance continually, demonstrating a dedication to staying ahead in sustainable practices. We utilize a scientific approach, ensuring information and resources are readily available to achieve energy objectives and targets.

Actions Speak Louder:

To translate commitment into action, we have implemented numerous initiatives at both of our diamond crafting facilities:

  1. Intelligent Ventilation:
  2. Demand control ventilation based on CO2 levels ensures compliance with ASHRAE 62.1 2016 and LEED IAQ requirements.

    Synchronized operations through Building Management Systems (BMS) optimize efficiency.

  3. Nighttime Chiller Operation:
  4. Operating chiller systems during cooler nighttime hours, capitalizing on nighttime rebates and enhanced operating efficiency.

    Automated operations through BMS based on set time and thermal storage charging.

  5. Fresh Air Utilization:
  6. Allowing more fresh air in winter seasons when outside temperatures are lower, synchronizing with ambient temperatures through BMS.

    Reduction in chilled water requirements due to natural cooling.

  7. Water Conservation:
  8. Use of soft water for cooling tower makeup and chilled water makeup to enhance heat transfer.

    Recycling RO reject water, soft water plant backwash, and HVAC condensation for non-contact water use, reducing freshwater requirements.

  9. Renewable Energy Integration:
  10. Installation of 22 kW solar photovoltaics on the terrace.

    Implementation of offsite solar power plants generating over 96,00,000 kWh/year to achieve net-zero energy.

  11. Biogas Plants:
  12. Installation of biogas plants producing 5 kg of LPG equivalent biogas per day at both the diamond crafting facilities, reducing the reliance on natural gas.

  13. Sustainable Building Design:
  14. Double wall construction and double glazing for windows to reduce heat load.

    Procurement and installation of energy-efficient HVAC components in accordance with industry standards.

  15. Comprehensive Metering:
  16. Extensive metering for all energy uses to enable continuous evaluation of energy performance.

  17. Sewage Treatment Plants (STP):
  18. Installation of STP of 150 kL/day to reduce at least 70% of freshwater consumption at both SRK Empire and SRK House.

In light of #COP28UAE's focus on fast-tracking the energy transition, SRK acknowledges the urgent need for action. We aim to stand as an example of how businesses can thrive while being custodians of our planet's future. By combining innovative technologies with a deep commitment to environmental responsibility, SRK sets the stage for the diamond industry and beyond.


    • Intelligent Ventilation
    • Nighttime Chiller Operation
    • Fresh Air Utilization
    • Water Conservation
    • Renewable Energy Integration
    • Biogas Plants
    • Sustainable Building Design
    • Comprehensive Metering
    • Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)