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Zero Addiction Workplace

A Pure Strategy for Long-Time Competitiveness

Workplace drug abuse and addiction is a common phenomenon. Many employees struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, leading to negative effects for the nation. Tobacco consumption exposes one to manifold health risks is a known fact. Since more than a decade, SRK has enforced strict measures to ensure Tobacco-free and Drug-free premises and takes pride in transition towards a 100% drug-abuse free and tobacco-free society.

The first steps towards the tobacco-free and drug-free workplace initiative were implemented by our Founder-Chairman, Shri Govindkaka, at our diamond crafting facilities since their inception. He addresses healthcare, as one of the important key indicators of the human development index. Considering health as an aspect of great concern, he has always emphasized on the fact that “prevention is always better than cure”, by awakening people about dangers of Tobacco use. Govindkaka believes in SATVIK lifestyle (the one who lives simple life, non- consumption of tobacco/alcohol, eating healthy food, doing regular exercises to maintain fitness and mental well-being, practicing spiritual style with social consciousness, etc.).

SRK champions workplace health and safety by creating and following drug-free workplace policies and programs. These policies and programs include- preventing the misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs and addresses substance misuse within the context of workplace health and wellness programs. Our zero-tolerance policy asserts that anyone from the company may be terminated if he or she is found to have used drugs or alcohol during work hours and even before or after as well.

“A person not addicted to smoking or chewing pan, gutkha or tobacco performs his or her duties in far more efficient way than those who are addicted. We have received many letters from the family members of our artisans once addicted to tobacco as how their family lives have changed.”

- Shri Govindkaka

While selecting our personnel (manager and artisans), the management of SRK assesses the habits and lifestyle of the potential candidate. People with addictions (alcohol, smoking,tobacco, pan masala and similar substance) or history of habits are discouraged to join SRK. In other words, great focus is given on the physical and mental well-being of our people along with development of various skills and value driven behaviour at SRK.

SRK has always encouraged its people against consumption of tobacco and alcohol through number of initiatives like a month-long tobacco de-addiction drive at our factories. We started frisking the pockets of our people randomly during the week. If anyone was caught chewing tobacco then he would be asked to write an apology. If the same person repeated the mistake, then he was asked to leave the factory. With the interest of public health, we have displayed boards with the messages “You are entering into the Tobacco Free Zone”. Such warnings provoke our people to abolish tobacco consumption in the premise. Hence, with such practice for longer time, we assist them to get rid of the addiction.

The health and well-being of our people has always been our topmost priority. We motivate our people to adopt more sustainable and healthier lifestyles. Our approach of drug-free and tobacco-free workplace policy has received a positive support and we could create a Zero-Addiction workplace. Also, this underscores our environmental efforts by reducing total amount of waste.